Dietary Consultation

  • Our professional, highly experienced dietitians provide dietary consultation for different nutritional related health conditions.
  • In your first visit to our clinic we will start with a thorough assessment using one of the most advanced Body composition analyzers (BCA) “Newangel BCA with Ultrasonic height measure GS6.6” which will give you a detailed measurement of all your body components and will help in monitoring the changes in body weight and fat content.
  • Next, our dietitian will discuss/ plan a diet program based on your results that are obtained from the BCA and your nutritional requirements, lifestyle habits, food preferences and specific health problem(s) bearing in mind some food restrictions in cases of food intolerances or Allergies.
  • Also our dietitian will educate you and/or your family about nutritional management of your case and will  guide you through “Hemya company” website in case you become a member/user to insure proper food selection and successful results

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