• How do I order meals?

    Placing your order couldn’t be easier. Orders can be placed directly via Hemya website www.hemya.com. By creating an account at Hemya Center website, you will be able to benefit from the services of Hemya Center and order your meals directly through the website by following the required steps and subject to the terms and conditions.

  • What are the available options to benefit from Hemya Center meals and products?

    Hemya Center provides the following options:

    • The subscription to one of the subscription packages available with Hemya for making use of Hemya products and meals for a period not less than four weeks. Upon subscription, the full subscription fees shall be paid up in advance for the period of package chosen by the subscriber. Upon subscription, the subscriber shall enjoy the advantage of initial free consultation on the appropriate diet for him/her and the body composition analysis.
    • Selection of individual or collective meals orders without participating in one of the packages available at Hemya for a period not less than four week. The payment shall be made upon placement of an order, whether through Hemya’s premises at Al Ahli Hospital or upon filling out and confirming the meal orders in case the order is made through Hemya’s website.
  • What packages are available at Hemya Center and the price of each package?

    Hemya Center provides the opportunity to subscribe in one of the packages to benefit from the products and meals of Hemya Center, which are as follows:-

    • 4 weeks Package – subscription fees 2899 QR.
    • 12-weeks Package – subscription fees 7699 QR
    • 24-weeks Package – subscription fees 14,799 QR.

    Upon subscription to any package of these packages, the subscriber will benefit from the advantage of initial free consultation on the appropriate diet for him/her and the body composition analysis.
    Full Diet of the day is served in all days of the week.

  • Are delivery services available?

    Yes, Hemya Center provides the delivery services within the time frame and the geographical scope available at Hemya Center as follows:
    Delivery time frame: In all days of the week at the following times:

    • From 6 am to 10 am
    • From 6 pm to 10 pm

    Delivery geographical scope: Doha and Al-Rayyan area.

  • What if I am not within the geographical scope? Can I attend to collect the meals myself?

    If you are staying outside the geographical scope of the delivery services available with Hemya or you prefer to attend to collect the meal personally, you can come and collect the pre-ordered meals from Hemya Center at the following times and places:

    • On Saturday to Thursday: from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm from the sales point of Hemya Shop at the ground floor of Al-Ahli Hospital.
    • On Friday: from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm from the cafeteria of Al-Ahli Hospital.
  • What if I was not home at the agreed delivery time?

    You are responsible for receiving the food at the chosen place and time and you may authorize another one to receive the same on your behalf.
    For contractual reasons and for the safety of food, Hemya staff will not put the food at the door of the delivery place chosen by the customer/subscriber. In case of absence of the customer/subscriber or an authorized person at the delivery place on the scheduled time, the customer/subscriber shall not be compensated for the order value and the order may not be replaced with another meal later.

  • What if I have a food allergy??

    Hemya meals are not prepared on individual basis. Accordingly, the customer/subscriber must understand and be fully aware of his/her health condition and assume responsibility for choosing food types and components suitable for him/her and shall avoid food which causes allergy to him/her. Therefore, Hemya, including its management, staff, representatives or partners, will not be responsible for complaints of any harms arising from wrong or inappropriate choice of food. Accordingly, the customer/subscriber must consult his specialist physician, given that the ingredients used in Hemya meals may not be suitable for food intolerant guests or might cause allergy to some people.

  • Can I eat Hemya Center meals if I am pregnant, breastfeeding or if i have a chronic illness?

    All Hemya’s foods are void of preservatives, which makes them of nutrient value and ideal. However, as for pregnant or fostering women or those suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure, they must consult the specialist physician before starting diet or changing the pre-designed dietary plan set by his/her specialist physician.

  • How to ensure that the received meals are in healthy and safe conditions?

    Out of compliance with the quality of the provided services, Hemya’s staff delivers the food in refrigerated vehicles dedicated to this process in order to control all aspect of the service and ensure the arrival of meals in healthy condition and ensure food safety.

    The chosen meal will be delivered to the customer in paper bags.
    As for a subscriber to a subscription package available with Hemya, the food will be delivered in bag. The subscriber or the person authorized thereby must sign the food receipt upon receipt from the driver and return the empty bag received the last time. In case of failure to return the empty bag, the food will be delivered the next time in paper bags until the bag is returned. In case the bag is lost or damaged, wholly or partially, a penalty in the amount of QAR 100 will be imposed for each bag. At the end of the subscription period, the subscriber will finally keep both bags.

  • Who owns the Cooler Bags?

    At the end of the subscription period, the subscriber will keep the two bags that were used to provide him with food during the subscription period.

  • How can I keep the meal healthy?

    The storage and usability information will be provided with each meal to ensure safe, healthy and ideal meal.
    The customer/subscriber shall be personally responsible for putting food in refrigerators immediately after receipt. In case the customer/subscriber chooses to receive food in the evening to have it the next day, the fresh juice and salad will not be fresh and the customer/subscriber will be responsible for keeping them edible.