Hemya Company provides Dietary Consultations for different nutrition and health related aspects. Our Dietitian’s selections of recipes and food items are incorporated into healthy meal plans that aim to reduce extra body weight and attain full benefit from highly nutritious fresh food ingredients. We supervise the delicious and healthy prepared food options as part of a convenient and reliable home delivery service.  Enjoy chef created healthy and gourmet meal options directly to your door.

All Hemya Company meals are expertly prepared and cooked in state of the art facilities which have been certified to international food safety standards (HACCP). This is important because it assures compliance with all aspects of food safety from the receipt of raw ingredients through to the preparation and delivery of our delicious and nutritious creations.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Customers should be fully aware of their health status and the suitable food ingredients for them. Thus, they shall hold “Hemya Company” its management, employees, representatives or any related personnel harmless of any complaints or claims.


How to order:

Placing your order couldn’t be easier. Orders can be placed directly via the Hemya Company website.

You will need to provide your exact contact and delivery details especially Area name, zone number, street number, and building number.

The deadline for placement of orders is 2:00 pm on the preceding day, if you, for some reason, couldn’t manage to place the order on the set time, any later order than 2:00 pm will be delivered on the day after tomorrow.

At the time of ordering you can indicate a convenient delivery time frame and we will do everything within our control to deliver within your chosen time frame.

Our Delivery timings are as follows:

6am -10 am or 6pm-10 pm (7 days a week)”

E-mail confirmation will be provided when your order is received. Once confirmed full payment is due.

It is your responsibility to be available at the chosen location at the time of delivery or to arrange another responsible person to receive the meals. The meals cannot be left at your door step for food safety and security purposes.



Convenient credit card payment facilities are available for 0n-line purchases.

We have no refund or exchange policy for unreceived orders.



As part of our commitment to a quality service we deliver using only our own staff and dedicated refrigerated vehicles. This means we can control every aspect of the service and ensures your meals arrive in perfect condition.

Information on storage and use by date is provided with each meal to ensure you enjoy the food in optimal condition.